New MBL Underwriting and Annual Review

Quality initial credit analysis and underwriting is imperative to a sound and profitable loan.

Quality initial credit analysis and underwriting is imperative to a sound and profitable loan. The Senior Management and staff at MBL Risk Analytics (MBLRA) have underwritten countless Member Business Loans that have since been reviewed by NCUA and state auditors and received top remarks. We work with our clients to develop a customized scope of work to meet their specific needs and budget. Each loan package includes, but not limited to:

  • Pre-screening and structuring of new loan requests (at no cost to the CU);
  • Comprehensive financial analysis prepared to CU specific policies and guidelines;
  • Detailed borrower and guarantor analysis;
  • Full review of all third-party reports, including: credit reports, appraisal reports, and environmental reports/questionnaires;
  • An in depth loan package in an intuitive, easy to understand format tailored to the specific requests of each CU partner.

The final product is a complete and comprehensive loan package showing MBLRA prepared project analysis, detailed narrative, and conclusions ready to submit for approval. The package also includes a risk rating of the loan based upon your guidelines, conditions to be satisfied prior to closing, and loan covenants which adhere to CU specific credit policies. Our credit presentation provides all the information you need to make an informed decision on your MBL request.

Similarly, performing a thorough annual review of each MBL is vital to ensure that your borrowers are meeting required covenants and to prepare the CU for any course of action needed on the loan. MBLRA has the necessary skills to evaluate any MBL whether originally underwritten in-house, by MBLRA previously, or another vendor. The annual review is tailored to the needs of each CU partner and includes but is not limited to:

  • Summary of the loan details (open date, maturity date, original and current balance, Etc.);
  • Background of the subject loan discussing the purpose and initial underwriting of the loan;
  • Comprehensive financial analysis based upon the most recent available financial information, including any changes since original underwriting;
  • Detailed borrower and guarantor analysis, including any changes since original underwriting;
  • Summary loan covenant and documentation requirements and whether each are being met;
  • Strengths, weaknesses, concerns (if any) and recommendations.

The final product is a detailed annual review package summarizing the current status of the loan and any recommendations as needed. The package also includes a new risk rating based upon your guidelines.

New MBL underwriting and annual review services are available on an ongoing or individual loan basis.
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MBL Risk Analytics was created to serve the needs of the credit union industry by providing industry leading member business loan (MBL) analysis and insight. We provide an à la carte section of credit administration services with no annual contracts. 

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